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Tam Dinh is focusing on providing biomass products, cattle feed for overseas market. We understand that biomass is the future of the energy, and therefore focusing on providing the best quality products to our clients.

  • Tam Dinh's Products

    Tam Dinh is focusing on providing the best quality biomass products for overseas market. We understand that there is an increasing demand for environmentally friendly biomass products in developed countries and therefore are committed to produce high quality biomass complying with international standards. Visit our Alibaba page for more details.

  • Tam Dinh's services

    We believe in high quality services to our clients. The best services will satisfy clients the most. Knowing the importance of regular training, we endorse ISO 9001: 2008 in our operation to ensure the most effective services are received by our clients.

  • Future investments

    Tam Dinh invests in new and innovated technologies in order to bring about the most currently demanded products to the markets. Satisfying the demand of clients, we invest in new technologies can help us to achieve this vital vision.

  • Strategic partnership

    Solution through synergy is our motto. As a result, we partner up with the top players in the related industry to come up with innovative solutions for our client. Better is not always more expensive provided that the quality is always the most priority.

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BinchotanWhite charcoal for BBQ Calory:  7500-8800 J Ash content: 3% Max Carbon content: 90% Sulfur content: 0.01% Burning time: 3-4 hours Lenght: 5-30 cm Diameter: 2-8 cm Packing: 20 Kg/ PE bag or customer request. Visit our Alibaba page for more details.

sashi charcoalWhite charcoal for Hookah. Calory:  7800 J. Ash content: 2.5% Max. Carbon content: 90%. Optional: 38 mm. Shape: Round Tablets/Cubic. Features: smokeless, Odorless, Sparkless. Shape: Round Tablets/Cubic. Packing: 20 Kg/ PE bag or As Per Requirements

Product: Solar Panel

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